Las Vegas Marriage License Information

In order to get married in Las Vegas, you must get a Marriage License.  Just like a Driver’s License is for Driving, a Marriage License says you and your partner qualify to be married.  Getting a marriage license in Las Vegas is easy and economical (that’s why it’s the Marriage Capital of the World).  You will have to fill out an application either in-person or online.  You will need to know your parents’ names and birthplace (city and state, or country if international), and the date of the most recent divorce (if either of you are divorced) or the date of you last spouse’s death if widowed.

Both of the parties getting married will have to appear in person at the Regional Justice Center at 201 E. Clark Ave. Be sure to have your proof of identity and age (driver’s license, passport, etc.) and $77 (cash only).  You will receive your Las Vegas marriage license immediately, as there is no waiting period or blood tests in Nevada.  You must present the marriage license to the officiant performing your wedding and a witness must be present at the ceremony.  If you forget the license, the minister cannot perform a legal wedding.  Both parties must be at least 18.  If either party is 16 or 17, you must have parent or guardian permission to marry.

Samples of Acceptable Forms of Identity for a marriage license (name on application must match ID):

  • Driver’s License showing your photo and birthdate
  • US or foreign country issued I.D. card, such as a Driver’s License showing your photo and birthdate
  • Military Identification Card
  • Passport
  • Resident Alien Card

Marriage License Bureau at the Regional Justice Center

Hours:  8:00AM to Midnight every single day of the year, including holidays

Location: 201 East Clark Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89101

Phone Number:  (702) 671-0600

Pre-Apply for Your Marriage License

Now you can pre-register for your Marriage License in Las Vegas.  You simply fill out the form online (less than 60 days from when you will pick it up), and receive the license quicker at the Marriage Bureau in Downtown Las Vegas.  Both parties must pick up the license together.

When you get a Marriage License in Nevada, the license is issued on a single sheet of paper.  This license is presented to your Wedding Officiant as the permission to perform the ceremony.  In most cases, your Officiant will keep this paper for his or her records.  Some specific Government Agencies may request a certified copy of the license you obtained before you got married.  This may be a Military Agency, INS, or Adoption Agency.  In most cases, the Certified Marriage Certificate should be adequate.  But in some rare cases, a Certified Copy of the Marriage License may be required.  *This is different from the Certified Marriage Certificate.  For Certified Marriage Certificates, click Here.